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Asirvia Demo How Does It Work

Asirvia Demo How Does It Work

Asirvia Demo How Does It Work

If you own a business or have astore front, fundraiser, event, etc… this little Go Device on your Keychain will be the best thing that happen to your business in 2017.

What is the Go Device, well it is small goes on your keychain anybody within 100 yards of you will get a notification to there Android phone we only doing android phones right now which is 60% of the Market. If they have there bluetooth on and most people do they will get your AD. Battery last 2 years Free replacement after a year.

You can type up to a 40 character message with a link just for your audience to see.

Example going to walmart and you sale Mary Kay you will put your message in the back office for that device. Sale Today 30% off Lipstick and your mary kay link. Leads are going to be popping all day where ever you are at.

Get multiple devices you can buy set of 3 or 8 give to your friends to put on there keychain for you. This is the best thing for advertising in years.

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