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Asirvia Go Breakdown By Rodney Burton

Asirvia Go Breakdown By Rodney Burton

Asirvia Go Comp Plan BreakDown Rodney Burton email: gotmillionsonline@gmail.com Text me at 202.670.6650

What is the Asirvia go?

How to sign up

The link to sign up

The Comp plan

I dont care what business you’re in, what you promote, milk shakes, pills, lotions and potions and super juices it just dont matter.
Even yard sales, or you’re selling just stuff out of your house, you can use this thingy.
But what is this thingy?
This Thingy is a bradcasting device that is 100% complaint and the size of the end of your thumb that you can sit on your desk, or in your pocket, maybe under a bleacher or even maybe your like Che Feemster who will bury it in the ground at Disneyworld. lmaooo
This thing they called the Go will transmit your 40 charater message and link to every android device within a 100 yards of you in every direction for 24 hours day and night. Yes,wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Just think, now there is no more excuses why a person cant get leads or get there link out there to the public and get sales from the cold market.
Well how much does this thingy cost?
For 1 $25 a month
For 3 $49 a month
For 8 $99 a month
To make a small fortune yourself, become an affiliate for $25 a month and that is it.

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