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Asirvia GO vs Royaltie Gem!! ? Which is Better!???

Asirvia GO vs Royaltie Gem!! ? Which is Better!???

This is my honest review on Asirvia Go vs Royaltie Gem, which one is better and if the product is a scam or worth having.

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. Asirvia isn’t a new company but the Asirvia Go is. The Asrivia Go is a new product which allows you to advertise on any Android phone user within 100 yards of the device. The Asirvia Go is a white label solution provided by Royaltie.com Royaltie calls their device the Royaltie Gem. The Royaltie Gem is very well manufactured and beautiful priced although the owner has stated the price will rise in the near future so I suggest if you’re interested in owning a Royaltie Gem that you get grandfathered in now so you have the best price later. The royalty Gem is not a scam or some rip off, over hyped jvzoo product that doesn’t work. Neither is the Asirvia Go. You can get a more detailed review of the both companies at MARKJEFFERSONSPEAKS.COM my personal blog and top mlm picks for making money online. If you’d like to join Royaltie.com’s affiliate program and start selling the Royaltie Gem then you can do so here HTTPS:www.royaltie.com/?af=jefferson82

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