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Laura Harte using the Asirvia Go At Hooters

Laura Harte using the Asirvia Go At Hooters

Laura Harte using the asirvia.com/smarterincome” rel=”nofollow” >Asirvia Go At Hooters

Hey Thanks For Being Here!!

Personally I am looking for LEADERS but I’ll work with anyone… I am looking for 10 – 100 people from different parts of the world to STAND UP and lead teams of people through this new REVOLUTION. In just 14 days, we have built a team of over 700 people, which if you have been in a direct sales business you understand that is truly insane.

Here’s your chance to turn 700 in to 70,000 – Watch this video, decide to become an affiliate with us and come absolutely change the marketing world!!

UPFRONT – I AM LOOKING FOR LEADERS – IF you aren’t ready to change the world, you may want to sit back down.



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The IOS is in the works BUT
you do not need an Android or iPhone
Here are just a couple ideas to think about…
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