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Asirvia Go HONEST REVIEW Complete Breakdown On How It Works

Asirvia Go HONEST REVIEW Complete Breakdown On How It Works

Asirvia Go HONEST REVIEW Complete Breakdown On How It Works

If you are looking into purchasing Asirvia Go Products I hope this honest review will help you decide what you want to do. When I first seen the asirvia go product I was basically sold from the start but just like you might be thinking, I was curious if it would be intrusive on peoples phones. Well the more research I did and the more I spoke with current users, I came to find out that wasn’t the case at all. The Asirvia Go device simply sends out a NOTIFICATION to android phones with bluetooth enabled.

This is NOT a text nor does the phone ding when the notification hits. It’s just like a facebook notification at the top of your phone. Also if they pull the notifications tab down they will see your message there. However this is just sent out to a 300ft radius (100 yards) and once that device leaves that zone the notification leaves as well. So the users must be looking at their phone for them to see the notification.

The Asirvia Go device in my opinion is a must have for anyone running an online or offline business. If you own a coffee shop downtown and you have massive amounts of traffic going in front of your shop everyday, what do you think a notification saying stop in for a free coffee or a latte at a discounted price would do for your business? IT WOULD EXPLODE!!!

Now lets say you are an online marketer looking to get one of these devices. You purchase the 8 pack with a different message on each referring people to your online opportunity. You put one in your car, one in your spouses car, a couple in your family members cars and a few in your friends cars. They are all traveling different places everyday generating you leads on auto pilot. Pretty cool huh! But what if you decide to go to your local pro football game and walked over to the 50 yard line. You’re not sending out a message to every android user in the stadium that has bluetooth enabled! POWERFUL!!!!!! Malls, Events, vacations, disney, driving, charities and the list goes on and on.

All you need to do is decide which package you want to purchase and put them to work for you. Paid traffic/advertising is the true way to automated freedom and Asirvia Go will do exactly that!

I hope you have found my Asirvia Go Honest Review to be helpful and shed some light on making your decision to buy or not. Either way thank you for watching and I hope to see you inside!

Also feel free to add me on facebook and ask any questions you might have.

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